We love to style and get a thrill out of making our friends feel good.  Although we are sisters, we each have our own flair to find the right looks to make you feel good.  Click the link to book private styling appointments in NYC and the Hamptons or virtually from anywhere in the world.

Our New York Story

As we stroll the streets of our New York City neighborhood, we’re so happy to be back. We call this city home—it’s where we began our fashion careers, met the most fascinating people, created deep friendships, started our families, and launched a business that allows us to work with talented designers and dress our dear friends.

We love New York for a million reasons, so it was natural for it to be our inspiration for this year’s Fall Collection. 

Happy Fall (and happy shopping!). 

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Major earrings, animal print, and of course, classic black — just a few elements of Yildiz’s power look with a feminine touch. She gravitates towards designers whose work tells a story, who have an appreciation for high quality workmanship, and focus on sustainability.


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Expect the unexpected from free spirit Aylin, who never limits color or patterns in her approach to styling. She always strives to understand her client’s lifestyle and personal taste before making recommendations, but always pushes to mix and match over uniform dressing. 

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