We love putting together the perfect pieces for our clients. Before your consultation, we'll ask you a few questions about your style and what you need, and when the time comes to shop together, we'll have a rack ready and waiting. We want to make shopping as fast, fun and easy as possible for you with our tailored picks! Schedule your free appointment now.

Shop Yildiz's Picks ☆

I am full of optimism for 2021. I especially picked fun colors, metallic accessories, slim skirts and flare pants. No more yoga pants for the rest of the year.  Let’s play dress up!

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Expect the unexpected from me, I never limit color or patterns in my approach to styling. I strive to understand my client’s lifestyle and personal taste before making recommendations, but always push to mix and match over uniform dressing. 

Our New York Story

Anytime we stroll the streets of our New York City neighborhood, we’re so happy. We call this city home—it’s where we began our fashion careers, met the most fascinating people, created deep friendships, started our families, and launched a business that allows us to work with talented designers and dress our dear friends and anyone who looks for a unique, individualized shopping experience.