Yildiz Blackstone and Aylin Brenna have been a force in fashion for years. They successfully built LUCA LUCA over the course of two decades to become a top design house. After the sale of the company, this dynamic twosome wanted to bring their passion and experience to the next generation of design talent.

 “Before this new adventure began, we were thinking about how we could help the next wave of young designers. We quickly realized that we wanted to mentor and guide them, and most importantly, get their creations to customers. Given the volatile retail environment, we created a new platform as a hub for these designers as well as an intimate marketplace for clients and friends to shop. The result is both efficient and fun...”

 Women want to dress beautifully but not every piece needs to be an investment. Yildiz and Aylin quickly found themselves wondering how they could bring style, elegance, quality and a unique look at an accessible price. So, in addition to the rotating roster of emerging designers on the platform, they have created their own line of top quality knit and leather collection, called Stellandluna, by working with some of the best artisans in Europe.

 “We come from generations of women who have built businesses in fashion. From our great-grandmother being a fabric merchant, to our grandmother who was a bridal couturier to our mother who is a retail entrepreneur who manages two of the top department stores in Izmir. There’s nothing else we could have imagined doing.”

 What is it like at an “invitation-only” YILDIZAYLIN online styling session? Turkish hospitality welcomes you into the experience, which should feel as creative and free as making art. It comes easily to Yildiz and Aylin to pull together looks for a diverse group of women. They love spending time with their customers in person or online, walking them through the racks and customizing the experience for each customer. Book a virtual styling session for the full experience with the stylish sister duo behind YILDIZAYLIN.

 “For us, each customer is a blank canvas and we are so excited to create a work of art with their outfits. We want to capture that spirit of play and experimentation with our virtual trunk shows. We hope you feel as welcome as if we opened the doors of our homes to you.”